Project Work
Technical Publishing Houses


The Coriolis Group
Scottsdale, AZ

Technical Editor for:

The C++ Black Book written by Steven Holzner

Wrox Press, Ltd. for ASPToday
Birmingham, England

Author of:

Using XML Persistence to Overcome RDS Security Issues

Technical Editor for:

Comparison of ADO, COM+, and T–SQL Transactions – Part 2

Cross-browser DHTML for IE 5 and Netscape 6

Creating a DB Component with C# and ADO.NET - Part 1    (.NET platform)

Developing n–tier Web Applications using the .NET Framework   (.NET platform)

Cache Control with ASP+   (.NET platform)

Presenting Many–to–Many data using ASP+ Data Grid and ADO+   (.NET platform)

Building Interactive 'Includes' with ASP+ User Controls   (.NET platform)

PerlScript and the Indexing Service

From ASP to ASP+ – Part 1    (.NET platform)

ASP+ Validator Controls    (.NET platform))

Developing Web Services with ASP+ - An Introduction    (.NET platform)

Creating an e-Book using XML, XSL and CSS

The World's Simplest ASP2HTML Viewer

Creating a WebClipping Application for the PalmPilot

Creating applications using SOAP and XMLHTTP Part 3

Writing Database content to Static HTML Pages with ASP and Javascript

How Long Do Visitors Stay On Your Site?

Creating applications using SOAP and XMLHTTP Part 2

Dynamic XML Transformation

Creating applications using SOAP and XMLHTTP Part 1

Generating XML Based "Auto-Request Quotes" From the Internet

Counting Page Hits/Views of Your Web-site Using ASP